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<Ahsan`> its comment
<Ahsan`> yes
<necrose> in php you gotto give "/*" if it's a comment
<Ahsan`> ok
<necrose> or just //
<Ahsan`> ok ok
<Ahsan`> m new to this thts y i dont know much abt tht
<Ahsan`> its my learning period
<Ahsan`> wht u people suggest?
<necrose> suggest you about what ?
<necrose> is there any error more ?
<Ahsan`> nopes
<Ahsan`> actually i want to do "when login pwd verified it will be redirected to index page"
<necrose> @header
<mod_spox> (PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP 5)

<mod_spox> Send a raw HTTP header
<Ahsan`> ok
<Ahsan`> n wht abt tht error?
<Ahsan`> necrose u there?
<necrose> Ahsan`, what error ?
<Ahsan`> dear which i pasted on tht site?
<Ahsan`> :(
<necrose> could you give me your messege error ?
<qolbu> necrose, boleh pv bentar ?
<necrose> qolbu, boleh aja
<necrose> Ahsan`, just paste your messege error !
<Ahsan`> :((
<necrose> is it hard to paste your error here ?
<Ahsan`> dear the code which pasted earlier on pastebin
<necrose> yeah.. i know
<Ahsan`> thts code giving me error invalid username pwd
<Ahsan`> thn wht u suggest whre is the error ?
<necrose> is it message appear "Unable to Process Query" or "Invalid User Name or Passowrd or branch not matched" ?
<Ahsan`> "Invalid User Name or Passowrd or branch not matched" ?
<Ahsan`> this
<necrose> btw.. have you made the input form ?
<Ahsan`> its login.php form
<Ahsan`> wait i paste tht on
<Ahsan`> necrose chk this
<Ahsan`> this is login.php page after clicking this its refers to loginchk.php page
<necrose> onSubmit="return blank();" << could you explain it what for ?
<Ahsan`> its nothing
<necrose> try delete ?
<Ahsan`> ok
<necrose> is it work now ?
<Ahsan`> nopes
<Ahsan`> same error
<necrose> herm...
<Ahsan`> ?
<necrose> would you like add this command "echo $sql;" below of $sql =
<Ahsan`> ok
<necrose> on loginchk.php page
<Ahsan`> i think query not working
<Ahsan`> nothing happened
<necrose> $sql="select * from login where loginname='$login' and password='$passowrd' and branch='$branch';"; << after this line add "echo $sql" and let me see what message appear ?
<Ahsan`> i add but same username pwd msg only
<Ahsan`> nothing more appearing
<Ahsan`> :(
<Ahsan`> hi every one
<Ahsan`> any body there who ill desing one page in php for me
<Ahsan`> ?
<Mr_Eko> i'll do it
<Mr_Eko> for a price
<Ahsan`> how much?
<Mr_Eko> it depends of the page
<chendo[a]> one BILLION dollars
<Mr_Eko> how much are you going to get from that page?
<Ahsan`> its my own project dear
<Ahsan`> its my graduation project
<Mr_Eko> so... you want me to do your graduation project so you can appear aaas having skill?
<Ahsan`> no just this page dear
<Ahsan`> not complete project
<Mr_Eko> meesa does nothing without profit

<Ahsan`> :(
<Ahsan`> plz help me out
<Ahsan`> plz
<Mr_Eko> no... no pay, no code
<Ahsan`> ok
<Ahsan`> any one else there who can help me
<fedt> forms that use an image to submit don't work with ie...anyone know why?
<Djanov> hello ^^
<Two-Bits> for <input type="image" name="foo" ... /> you would test isset($_POST['foo.x']) rather than just $_POST['foo']...
<Djanov> i have a little question
<Two-Bits> since the coordinates where clicked are sent
<fedt> two-bits: it works in ff though
<Two-Bits> url and pastebin the code?
<Djanov> i'm usgin GET method in a link: <a target=\"mainFrame\" href=\"droite.php?promo=FI1\">
<Djanov> using*
<fedt> two-bits: me?
<Two-Bits> yes you
<Djanov> is it possible to put just the variable in the href section and delete the page "" ?
<Two-Bits> Djanov: not really. for what purpose?
<Djanov> because during the echo of the result it's using "droite.php"'s page properties
<Djanov> and i don't want it
<Two-Bits> Djanov: i dont follow
<Djanov> href=\"droite.php?promo=FI1\"
<Djanov> my variable "promo" is been threaded in a php code then it give the result in an echo
<Two-Bits> it's being done BY the droite.php script
<Djanov> but the echo result is in the page "droite.php"
<Two-Bits> that "variable" does nothing unless a script makes use of it
<Djanov> this variable does something because i have a script which include a php page if the variable is not empty
<Djanov> do you follow me ?
<Two-Bits> the script being executed, in this case droite.php, is the script that one way or another is making use of that variable
<Two-Bits> period
<Two-Bits> just because other scripts can ALSO make use of that variable doesn't change the fact that the variable itself is doing nothing
<Djanov> no no
<Djanov> the droite.php is my problem
<Two-Bits> then fix it
<Djanov> it's my right index page
<Two-Bits> i dont care
<Djanov> there is a background image on
<Djanov> for example a red heart, do you folow me
<fedt> lawl...a background image?
<fedt> <3
<Djanov> href=\"droite.php?promo=FI1\" is it possible to do : href=\"?promo=FI1\"
<Two-Bits> fedt: regardless of your script working in FF, it's not how they work
<fedt> ok, but would it fix it in ie just by changing that the isset to $POST[image.x]?
<Two-Bits> yes, but you're not going to be able to get the value attribute. it's never sent
<Two-Bits> and of course you'll need to quote your key and use the right array name
<Djanov> so i have to put a php page before ?promo=FI1 ?
<Two-Bits> Djanov: if you omit the script name it's just going to use the url it's already on
<fedt> ok...i just read ff looks like the only browser which sen a value for images. so should i use an <a> tag and put the imgae in that?
<Two-Bits> fedt: you could do that, yes. also, you really need to put quotes around your array keys
<Two-Bits> $msg[touser] is wrong
<Two-Bits> $msg['touser'] or $msg["touser"] is right
<fedt> ok, i'll fix that
<Djanov> please help me
<Two-Bits> Djanov: i've told you what WILL happen, and what WONT happen. there's not much more i can do for you
<Two-Bits> Djanov: further more, i doubt you even wrote that code. which is all the more reason to cut you off
<Djanov> is it just possible to put a link just with a variable name then ?
<Two-Bits> it is possible to have a link who's sole href is a querystring, but it will merely link to the SAME script, just with the new querystring
<Two-Bits> if inside foo.php i have <a href="?boobs=yesplz">Clk 4 b00b5!11</a> and i click on it, i'll end up on foo.php?boobs=yesplz
<Djanov> you don't understand my problem
<fedt> two-bits: how do you use an <a> tag while still using post?
<Two-Bits> fedt: you dont
<Two-Bits> at best, you'd have to use javascript to submit the form
<fedt> i thought that
<Djanov> <a target=\"mainFrame\" href=\"droite.php?promo=FI1\">
<Djanov> the target is mainframe here
<Two-Bits> it doesn't matter what the target it
<Two-Bits> is*
<Djanov> and the result will be in that page : droite.php
<fedt> if (isset($_GET['promo'])) { echo $_GET['promo']; }
<fedt> that's all
<Two-Bits> fedt: i think it's a bit obvious that the scripts are probably pulling information from a data source



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