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<Mr_Eko> is it possible to detect if a png file has alpha channel enabled or is interlaced?
<Rushino> Hello
<Mr_Eko> hi
<Rushino> Anyone know if there a workaround to use http://username:password in IE ?
<Rushino> cause IE suck really bad
<Zenethian> ummm
<Zenethian> what do you mean?
<Zenethian> you can do that just fine in IE.
<Rushino> Well using like HTTP auth in IE doesnt work
<Rushino> inb mozilla they work
<Zenethian> Umm, HTTP auth in IE works OK for me...
<Rushino> microsoft disabled this feature in the latest patch
<Rushino> so i suppose you use a cracked xp
<Rushino> :P
<Zenethian> No, but I don't update patches regularly.
<Zenethian> They don't support HTTP auth at all anymore?

<groogs_> Zenethian: i don't think you can pass it in the url anymore, because of people linking ""
<Zenethian> oh
<groogs_> of course, i can't imagine why it's an issue
<Zenethian> Well, you shouldn't put your auth crap in a URL anyway.
<Rushino> strange... mozilla work with this method
<Rushino> so now i will have to use a browser detect script to change the login screen
<Rushino> if the user use IE
<groogs_> whatever you're doing, its wrong
<Rushino> well they support HTTP from the link itself
<Rushino> you just cant use http://username:password
<Rushino> for auto login
<Rushino> i made a php script to login on a web page instead that why
<Mr_Eko> is it possible to detect if a png file has alpha channel enabled or is interlaced?
<Kanzie> guys...just finished an episode of 70's show, the whole show was about Kelso not wanting to be "the stooge", well it was fun and all, but afterward Im kind of wondering... what the bleep is a stooge?
<groogs_> Kanzie: that makes me feel old, and i wasn't even born when they were on
<create_vibe> ok, um... need some help picking a server
<Rushino> what kind of server do you want
<Rushino> dedictated
<Rushino> virtual
<Rushino> ?
<create_vibe> dual xeon 3.06 ghz or pentium 4 3.06 ghz
<create_vibe> dedicated
<Rushino> xeon
<Kanzie> well...why is it a bad thing to be a stooge then? Im mean he was breaking in to the bloody police academy to find out if his labeled "stooge"
<Rushino> xeon are made to be for a server
<Kanzie> :-)
<Rushino> and are way more powerful
<Kanzie> Makes me feel foreign
<groogs_> Kanzie:
<create_vibe> thanks Rushino
<create_vibe> I'm tryin to read on em
<create_vibe> about
<create_vibe> how come it's dual
<create_vibe> you get 2 of them?
<groogs_> psh, you should get one of these:
<groogs_> thats way more powerful than a xeon
<spox> yeah, where's the pricesheet on that
<RealMenE1tBacon> haha
<RealMenE1tBacon> we have 4 of those
<RealMenE1tBacon> (not kidding)
<RealMenE1tBacon> they start at about $1m
<RealMenE1tBacon> i think they max out around $3.5m
<create_vibe> well, these were the options for dedicated servers at the place my client chose
<create_vibe> but if you guys can suggest another, I'm sure I can get him to change
<RealMenE1tBacon> we've had excellent luck with rackspace
<spox> i've been happy with serverbeach
<create_vibe> that was an option
<groogs_> yeah that seems expensive
<create_vibe> I spoke with them
<create_vibe> they are spendy
<create_vibe> groogs_ can you recommend?
<create_vibe> I'm not exactly qualified for this :\
<groogs_> actualy maybe not that bad
<groogs_> well, no, since you've given 0 information
<create_vibe> oh, sorry
<groogs_> what type of site? db-intensive? lots of files? current/expected (REALISTIC) traffic?
<motin> Why o why does this page not work in IE??? ... I can't get the absolute position of the relatively positioned div

<create_vibe> it's an online music store. I'm assuming mysql cause it's free, bunch of media files
<groogs_> do you expect lots of growth in the medium-term (ie, where it would make more sense to get a low-end server and grow, than to get a medium-end server and still have to upgrade)?
<create_vibe> well, inventory will surely grow
<groogs_> so, mostly you need storage space and bandwidth..
<create_vibe> ya
<groogs_> i use personally. serverbeach sounds okay as well
<groogs_> but i do colo there, so i dont know much about their dedicated stuff
<create_vibe> hmm, they're not as expensive
<spox> i've had a dedicated there for mail relay/dns and have been real happy with it
<RealMenE1tBacon> we run a webserver with a moderate amount of traffic at rackspace
<RealMenE1tBacon> never slows down, great connection, great support
<spox> and spendy
<spox> which is why they have such good support
<groogs_> i think the big key is to get a place that owns the datacenter
<RealMenE1tBacon> yeah
<create_vibe> and rackspace does offer a kickback for referals
<groogs_> (that ace-host thing looks like they may too)
<Rushino> ace-host got bad ratings somewhere
<Rushino> i cant remember where
<Rushino> but it doesnt look nice to me
<groogs_> since hosting is such a multi-teired reseller business.. you want to avoid buying dedicated servers from people who buy dedicated servers from the actually DC
<create_vibe> ya
<groogs_> or worse, virtual dedicated servers from those guys.. :p
<RealMenE1tBacon> or who buy dedicated servers from the people who buy dedicated servers from people who lease the space from the guys that own the DC
<groogs_> but really, if you do it properly, you can start with shared/virtual hosting, then go to dedicated as you grow and need it
<Rushino> be warned
<create_vibe> groogs_, how's the support with the iweb?
<Rushino> of the web site with too flashy look
<groogs_> great
<Rushino> websites with too flashy looks
<Rushino> must be avoided
<spox> Rushino: wtf are you talking about?
<groogs_> Rushino: you mean the generic "web hosting company" web design?
<Rushino> its probably stupid
<create_vibe> they got like the online chat ?
<Rushino> but those website are resellers
<create_vibe> one on one thing with the staff
<Rushino> like groogs_ talking about
<Rushino> <RealMenE1tBacon> or who buy dedicated servers from the people who buy dedicated servers from people who lease the space from the guys that own the DC
<spox> lol
<Rushino> they use a template
<RealMenE1tBacon> you can have a **** website and own the largest datacenter in the world
<Rushino> most of the time
<Rushino> its easy to see them
<groogs_> yeah ,thats not really a good judgement...
<RealMenE1tBacon> i forget the one i was thinking of
<RealMenE1tBacon> big ass datacenter in cali, i think
<RealMenE1tBacon> and has a page that looks like it was ripped from :P
<groogs_> you could take the view that the people who have a great, unique website are spending too much time designing their website, and not enough running their DC :)
<groogs_> (like the old adage about people who have a clean office having too much time on their hands)
<RealMenE1tBacon> honestly, call their support number and talk to them
<RealMenE1tBacon> if they don't have a support number, i'd probably avoid them
<groogs_> yeah. you should be able to call and talk to a human and ask technical answers
<RealMenE1tBacon> and get technical questions!!
<spox> hurray
<RealMenE1tBacon> it's like jeopardy!!
<groogs_> iweb has been good, we've only had to contact them a couple of times, once late at night, and they responded pretty quick
<groogs_> theres also a remote reboot port, which saved us once when a server locked up (go redhat up2date!)
<groogs_> RealMenE1tBacon: oops, :)
<spox> "my site is down."
<groogs_> though, that actually would be a good way to judge them
<spox> "what happens after your hard drive crashed?"
<spox> seems reasonable
<create_vibe> thanks guys
<create_vibe> I'm stoked. I finally got a nice project
<create_vibe> heh, and when it comes in, like 4 other projects come in all at the same fawkin time
<Technobabble> hey cv
<Mr_Eko> OMG
<Technobabble> @confess
<mod_spox> A few months ago, I was real horny late at night in my bed, and I wanted to get off, and I was so horny i was trying to bang my cat, but my cat just bit me.
<Technobabble> ha ha
<Kanzie> is it not possible to return with an array from a function? It seems I can only give a specific element in an array as return-value
<create_vibe> hey, babble
<Technobabble> sup, man?



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