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<DaTa_MaN> No I have a lot more docs
<DaTa_MaN> so I'm checking the docs
<keeperx> kewl
<keeperx> glad to help
<keeperx> when you get a chance check out my new ircd server
<keeperx> ill PM you the addy as not to spam
<DaTa_MaN> not wuite as straight forward as I was hopin git would be... but it look sfairly simple
<keeperx> kewl
<DaTa_MaN> But I can see why... they wanted it to be versitle
<DaTa_MaN> Versitility and simplicity are usually a gam eof economics
<keeperx> thank you buda
<keeperx> hate to say it but apple had that equasion crackd
<keeperx> ease of a mac ontop of BSD
<keeperx> and now with Intel processors
<keeperx> linux has a whole new archatecture to play with
<keeperx> 20 min till futurama.. this is your 20 minute warning...

<keeperx> 10 min till futurama.....
<Sergeant_E> hello guys
<Sergeant_E> how do i get mysql server to start ?
<Sergeant_E> i did serviced mysqld start but it didn't work
<blackstatic> "mysql"+distro .. where distro = debian, suse etc
<Sergeant_E> thanks
<blackstatic> or start mysql
<blackstatic> or run mysql
<blackstatic> or install mysql
<Sergeant_E> hmm
<Sergeant_E> ok one other thing
<Sergeant_E> i'm sure when i was installing redhat i check the box to install mysql, but how do i verify it's already installed or not ?
<InitHello> mysql --version
<InitHello> maybe
<blackstatic> or type mysql as root
<Sergeant_E> i got this :mysql Ver 14.7 Distrib 4.1.7, for redhat-linux-gnu (i386)
<InitHello> then it's installed
<Sergeant_E> i think it means i'm running mysql client ,not server, does this make any sense ?
<InitHello> you have the mysql server version 4.1.7 installed
<Sergeant_E> and it's running right ?
<blackstatic> Sergeant_E, if you type mysql as su then youll be able to find out
<blackstatic> if you get mysql>
<blackstatic> in terminal
<blackstatic> then its up and running and its advised to learn how to set a password etc
<Sergeant_E> blackstatic i just get this error message ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)
<pizza_milkshake> Sergeant_E: is mysql running?
<Sergeant_E> pizza_milkshake that's what i'm tring to find out :)
<pizza_milkshake> Sergeant_E: what distro are you running?
<Sergeant_E> redhat
<sysmon> blah.
<slicers> I just replace mobo with old ABIT, keyboard and mouse freeze after bootup. any idea?
<mouju> slicers: wrong processor clock setting? i mean FSB and etc
<mouju> maybe
<p3nguin> Reset CMOS/BIOS to failsafe defaults and boot up again.
<raster^> is abit and asus sister company?
<_fire-eyes> nah I think they are separate
<mouju> OLD Abit may require u to short/open some jumpers
<p3nguin> No relation.
<_fire-eyes> if anyone gets onjoins/offjoin messages such as "hi" or "hye" or "hallo" and so on, please let me know
<mouju> ah
<mouju> they'll later use "hey whats up?" for onjoins
<mouju> lol
<p3nguin> This really pisses me off. I have a 538$ monitor and the farking thing has spots on the screen. GAH!
<slicers> mouju: isnt driver problem?
<mouju> slicers: not sure. but freeze? hmm..i'm using an ABIT mobo here - well, in my case it's the proc clock setting, or the FSB
<mouju> slicers: u sure that the mobo comes in "all default"?
<slicers> hmm let me try failsafe
<raster^> p3nguin: what brand?
<mouju> dead pixels eyh
<mouju> :D
<mouju> i have one :(
<raster^> theres a program i know that can fix dead pix
<raster^> maybe worth a try
<mouju> wow
<mouju> seriously?
<raster^> no really. it works
<mouju> no severe damage?
<raster^> has it
<raster^> :)
<raster^> nope

<raster^> they developed it...and it magically works
<mouju> lol. if that **** aint blowing, i'll try
<mouju> :D
<raster^> it involves some on/off controlling of that specific dead pix...and in no time its back to its original state
<raster^> really nifty app
<mouju> raster^
<mouju> it's a windows ap eyh?
<raster^> yep
<raster^> and they have other apps for other oses as well iirc
<mouju> hmm
<mouju> a reboot? :(
<raster^> i just dont remember tthe exact url. but it is in, great online window shopping site :P
<mouju> nah
<raster^> have you downloaded it already?
<mouju> got it
<mouju> *.MP$
<mouju> erk
<raster^> oic... great googling
<mouju> *.MP4
<mouju> there u go
<mouju> :)
<raster^> there
<raster^> thats it
<mouju> they sure script their search box good (widowpc)
<mouju> heheh
<raster^> gaming stuff
<mouju> hit their main site, "dead pixels" as the keyword - poof!
<mouju> hehe
<mouju> yeah, never been there
<mouju> ? yes
<mouju> and etc
<mouju> :)
<raster^> oh, dont know of those:)
<mouju> routine readings. check em out raster^ !
<mouju> :D
<stderr> packaging is the same as socket size in a processor right?
<stderr> for example packaging: LGA775 for an intel p4 would be the same as socket 775
<slicers> mouju: what RAM do you use? i guess the problem is my SDRAM
<DotNET2> nutrx
<ClubGuy> anybody nows how to setup dial up in linux via console
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> read wvdial manual
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> if you are using windows manager such kde, use kppd
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> more simply than wvdial
<ClubGuy> ok let me look trough wvdial
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> good luck
<joko> ?
<abangterhebat> anybody here can tell me about p2p
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> p2p ? wireless point to point ? or peer-to-peer ?
<abangterhebat> about program download music and movie
<abangterhebat> u know
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> warez
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> e-donkey
<joko> kazza ?
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> gnutella
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> torrent
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> etc.
<abangterhebat> u know the ares
<skrye> amule is good for linux
<abangterhebat> u know about the ares lite
<skrye> nope
<abangterhebat> u know how can i get the torrent
<abangterhebat> i want to download music and movie
<abangterhebat> can i get from internet
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> do searching in google "torrent music seeder"
<abangterhebat> but my friend tell to me torrent very2 high to download
<joko> [Kurosaki-Ichigo] : hey
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> ya joko ?
<tomu> looks like many active indonesian people in here.. :)
<joko> nuju neon :D
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> abangterhebat, for some case you need to limit yr upload or you will out of your bandwidth.
<[Kurosaki-Ichigo]> for instance, in bittorent i use --max_upload_rate option



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