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<Keneto> all this medical science and we still don't have a medication for stupidity
<Rethguals> I wouldn't hold your breath... unless you're stupid, of course.
<Belzex> you could always use medieval medicine..
<Zenethian> Actually
<Zenethian> we have lots of cures for stupidity
<Zenethian> but they're all fatal.
<Rethguals> Zen: Bah, you stole my joke and made it stupider.
<Belzex> :)
<six> the problem with curing stupidity is that you'll most likely going to end up in prison
<six> that is, if you're curing someone else's stupidity. :)
<basic_string> ok, DAL's java client is kinda annoying, heh
<Rethguals> Most web-based Java applets are annoying.
<basic_string> indeed
<basic_string> but I've come to expect such great thigns from DAL!
<Zenethian> cgi-irc is better

<Zenethian> just change the channel name to #C++
<basic_string> see if I can still PCAnywhere into my home machine
<Rethguals> Why PCAnywhere?
<Zenethian> ah **** that
<basic_string> because I have it installed
<Zenethian> they blocked it
<Zenethian> bastards
<Rethguals> opposed to Remote Desktop?
<basic_string> remote desktop would require terminal services running, and I don't think my 2K Pro machine supports that
<Rethguals> Ah.
<Rethguals> It's your fault for running a 7 year old OS.
<basic_string> feh, someone tell me what FuIru's IP is? the /dns from this thing dun work so well
<basic_string> It's my fault for not liking Fisher Price, dammit.
<basic_string> XP annoys the **** out of me
<basic_string> or, rather, it would if I deigned to use it
<Rethguals> You can turn that off if you're so highly strung that you can't get over it.
<basic_string> 2K is nice and stable for me, I see no reason to change yet
<basic_string> when I can't get anythign good in 32-bit, then I'll think about it
<Rethguals> I wonder who could say that of a 7 year old linux distribution, cehteh? :)
<six> w2k doesn't 'feel' that old tho
<six> at least unless you try to do something with it.
<Demonss> hej
<Demonss> Trade BNC chanel to chanel
<basic_string> works fine for everything I've tried to do with it.
<basic_string> well,e xcept when I tried to use an NT driver for the original Twiddler
<basic_string> i'm hardly going to blame 2K for that, though
<Fidsah> I'm in the same boat concerning 2k.
<cehteh> Rethguals: what?
<Rethguals> I'm just baiting :)
<cehteh> i didnt get it .. was afk
<Rethguals> I was just suggesting that very few people use a linux desktop distribution from seven years ago and still think it's good.
<cehteh> well i still know people who use twm ...
<Rethguals> That's a different thing :
<Rethguals> )
<cehteh> but anyways imo desktops in the sense like macos, windows, gnome, kde are some kind of dead end imo
<Rethguals> ?
<cehteh> any improvement in the past 10+ years only added eye-candy but not much productivity gain
<cehteh> (well some .. but not much)
<scalar> yay, new camera
<scalar> and this time it works
<scalar> :)
<Rethguals> Hm. I don't think I agree. Shells have improved quite significantly.
<Rethguals> Huh... 28.3MB of security updates for Debian this month?
<cehteh> did you read that manifesto? ... not that i want everyone to use ion (i do) .. but just in his analysis tuomov is quite right
<cehteh> well i even disagree with the point not using the mouse ... but i still dont like windowing desktops
<Rethguals> I'll give it a read.
<Rethguals> I need to reboot my linux machine... brb.
<cehteh> well .. maybe you want to try ion :P ..
<Rethguals> Sigh. Trillian is so buggy.
<Keneto> <3 WinFS
<Rethguals> Why?
<Keneto> no idea lol
<Keneto> <3 Bill Gates
<Rethguals> Again, why? :)
<Rethguals> ...brb
<six> cehteh, i use ion.
<six> in pwm mode tho, but still.
<six> i've tried to switch away a few times, but nothing seems to match its usability.
<six> and the reason i've thought about switching is just that sometimes eye candy is nice :)
<scalar> Rethguals: I switched to Miranda. in general, I like it

<Rethguals> I tried that before, but hated it.
<Rethguals> Thanks for mentioning it, though.
<scalar> I don't like the fact that it puts all the chat logs in a central binary file as opposed to individual text files
<Rethguals> Gah. That's increadibly dumb.
<scalar> now that I have my messaging/media/web server running again, it's not so bad
<scalar> but while it was broken, and I had to switch locations, it really sucked
<scalar> I don't think there's a way to merge the databases
<rhw> Oh dear God.
<rhw> I have to code a VB6 calculator.
<Rethguals> Ugh?
<Rethguals> Nobody /has/ to code a VB6 calculator.
<rhw> I do :\ College mandatory project.
<rhw> sigh
<rhw> And I almost begged at least for VB.NET
<Rethguals> How did you come to find this out at this time in the morning on a Saturday?
<rhw> Well, I don't go to classes. I only go to exams. However, I don't want to take a VB exam, and the only way around it is coding this calculator.
<rhw> A friend told me, he goes to the classes.
<Zenethian> It's great fun running QBasic in DOS 6.22 again.
<Zenethian> wee
<Zenethian> old memories.
<Rethguals> rhw: Make it an unexpectedly awesome graphing calculator.
<rhw> Rethguals, In VB? I'd rather make the ugliest piece of **** that almost works.
<Rethguals> Well, yeah... that describes most VB apps.
<Rethguals> It's not like it's going to take you more than an hour though.
<rhw> I wouldn't want to ruin the tradition.
<rhw> Oh, I have to code two.
<Rethguals> Eh?
<rhw> Because this friend of mine doesn't know **** about coding.
<Rethguals> So?
<rhw> Well, he's one of my best friends :)
<Rethguals> ...but he's obviously a pleb.
<rhw> How's that?
<Rethguals> Yo, teq.
<rhw> Why*
<tequilla> yo Reth, rhw
<rhw> hey teqqy
<Rethguals> Well, writing a calculator is not exactly a difficult thing to do. I'm guessing you don't need arbitrary precision and advanced trig functions here.
<rhw> Not sure; he's coming over tomorrow to tell me the details etc. Probably gonna do it then too.
<tequilla> He?
<Rethguals> I mean, it's basically a stack of numbers and operators, right?
<tequilla> Maybe he'll get you to code MATLAB. :)
<rhw> yeah
<Rethguals> teq, it seems rhw chose a class in which he's expected to pass time by writing calculator apps in VB6.
<rhw> I didn't chose it. We don't get to do that here.
<tequilla> ah
<Rethguals> Ah. At least that explains why your best friend sounds like he has no aptitude whatsoever.
<tequilla> at all? surely some courses are core, while others are electives that you have a choice in?
<rhw> Yeah. Well, he doesn't really know anything. But he's really good at playing games :P
<Rethguals> I only don't have sympathy for people who choose the thing the fail at. If they didn't choose it and turn out to suck, that's okay.
<six> i hate those shool projects like that
<six> we had to code a mobile phone user interface
<Rethguals> Hm, that actually sounds good.
<six> you just end up making something that barely works and probably dies horribly if the user does something unexpected
<Rethguals> Apart from the coding it part.
<six> and we had to code it in java
<six> the course itself was excellent, it was about user interfaces, designing htem etc
<Rethguals> I mean, if it had been done in Macromedia or something as an experiment in HCI, it could have been a valuable learning experience.
<Rethguals> ...but getting hung up on Java GUI code isn't really conducive to anything.
<six> i was also semi-busy with other stuff then so i just kinda whipped it up as fast as i could
<six> indeed
<six> it's not even 'real programming'
<six> and if there's something i hate, that's gui construction by hand.
<six> it's mostly tedious copy-paste style 'coding'.
<tequilla> I seem to find GUI construction via some designer, more irking...
<six> kinda depends on the designer thing i guess
<six> i always thought delphi/kylix ides were really good for constructing guis
<Rethguals> Hmm.. Kylix was the KDE port of Delphi, wasn't it? What became of it?
<six> i think it's still around
<six> gave it a quick try back then, but i haven't been doing pascal in years
<tequilla> Borland abandoned it.
<six> oh.
<six> lack of interest?
<Rethguals> Borland seem to have pretty much abandoned all their projects :)
<FuIru> stupid VS.NET designer doens't like forms that are using Generics, it seems. so boo to GUI designers, heh



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