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<cehteh> i am considering to reformat that box to make all raid5 ...
<Rethguals> tencho: Niagra?
<tenchiko> huh?
<cehteh> but that would mean that i merge my backup partition with the working one .. likely a bad idea either
<tenchiko> just call me cody, if you prefer.
<cehteh> (or making 2 raid5's but that wastes too much space)
<tenchiko> Hmm.
<Rethguals> tencho: Niagara has eight cores already, capable of processing 32 threads.
<tenchiko> wtf

<cehteh> niagara is cool
<tenchiko> last I heard, Intel was still working on making a 3cored processor.
<cehteh> just a bit expensive for a causual user
<cehteh> but still cheaper than ia64
<Rethguals> tencho: Intel has demoed a four-core processor.
<tenchiko> hmmm
<tenchiko> weird.
<cehteh> ibm's power5 come with 4 dies on a socket each dualcore i think
<Rethguals> ...but Niagara isn't a desktop processor. It's intended for server usage.
<tenchiko> ah
<cehteh> Rethguals: well with its capabilities it would be a nice workstation processor too
<Rethguals> Perhaps :)
<Rethguals> Yeah, those things are huge.
<cehteh> i think even 4 cores per die ... gives 16 cores there
<Rethguals> I saw a picture of it in someone's hand... it's about four times the size of an Opteron.
<tenchiko> Are they liquid/vapo-cooled?
<Rethguals> tencho: No :p
<cehteh> yes
<cehteh> i just searching for that pic, that was quite impressive
<tenchiko> Sounds like they'd put off a good bit of heat.
<tenchiko> eh
<Rethguals> You don't put vapochill things in a server room. You'd have all sorts of problems with condensation etc.
<tenchiko> anyone know a good guitar tab site?
<tenchiko> There are solutions for the condensation.
<tenchiko> holy****
<tenchiko> so much for it being a 'micro' chip
<Rethguals> ...but not for the power consumption and whatnot. It would be quite insane to use anything except air cooling in a server room.
<Rethguals> ...which is why server rooms are so frickin' loud.
<cehteh> well those things are not Intel P4's .. they need quite much power .. but not in the range that intels require
<tenchiko> Jeez
<tenchiko> what do they put those things in?
<tenchiko> what kind of a server would need a processor with that much power?

<tenchiko> 144MB of cache.
<tenchiko> that's insane
<tenchiko> Although... I do want one.
<cehteh> fast floating point ... i guess you dont need them for a webserver :)
<cehteh> well, technical/physical simulations etc
<tenchiko> Hmm
<tenchiko> I'd like to see the inside of a super-computer, myself.
<tenchiko> Wonder if NASA is taking job appz.
<tenchiko> so
<tenchiko> is that 4 cores, each running at 1900?
<cehteh> tenchiko: some years ago the NASA had a website with job-offerings and even astronauts where listed there
<Rethguals> 4 dies, 8 cores.
<Rethguals> The other chips are the cache.
<tenchiko> The graph says "Cores" under it, it says "4"
<cehteh> 4 dies 16 cores
<cehteh> well at least a power5 with 4 cores per die is listed
<tenchiko> <- that one.
<tenchiko> fire one.
<tenchiko> *first
<cehteh> and no windoze for that boxes .. but linux :P
<Rethguals> Oh, I thought you were talking about the Inquirer picture.
<Rethguals> I'm bored of that rhetoric, cehteh.
<cehteh> hihi
<cehteh> well i like the IBM websites ...
<cehteh> even the miltimillion $ high-end servers have a 'buy now' button :)
<cehteh> *click*
<cehteh> Rethguals: whats your address and bank conenction?
<tenchiko> haha
<tenchiko> If only I had millions of dollars..
<cehteh> oh not anymore .. there is a Call for price now :(
<tenchiko> ah
<tenchiko> I'm gonna get some sleep
<tenchiko> see ya later
<mustwanted> hi
<WinLock> hi
<mustwanted> at less one is alive
<Rethguals> Heya tqz.
<Rethguals> er, tqx.
<tqx> Hi
<hexCor> i resized my taskbar on the bottom to make it heighter. but the day of the week shown, how to make it hide?



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