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<scalar> MyNick?
<scalar> I have to check if Fiesta has my brand of German mustard
<scalar> otherwise I have to order some from
<Zenethian> mmm mustard
<Zenethian> I'm actually a really big fan of mustards
<FuIru> do you know
<scalar> but... aren't you a Frenchie?
<FuIru> the mustard man?
<Zenethian> lol
<scalar> Lion's Mustard
<scalar> Brew
<Zenethian> whatever

<Zenethian> still means beer. :P
<scalar> not whatever
<scalar> you're talking about my ancestor's language here
<scalar> show some respect
<scalar> ;)
<Zenethian> Ah thats right, german has like 8 different words for "Beer"
<Zenethian> hehe
<Zenethian> Actually that's something I like about the german language
<Zenethian> they don't make up new words
<scalar> beer is to the Germans what snow is to the eskimo
<scalar> :)
<Zenethian> they just cram existing words together.
<Zenethian> I have about 8 different mustards
<scalar> I usually have two or three
<scalar> hahaha...
<scalar> I got a cool email today
<Xiphoris> damn
<FuIru> what snow is to eskimos?
<scalar> "Dear all, Next year, I will be teaching COMP 210 again, and would like to have the best group of people working with me. You would be my first choice, so, I'd appreciate it if you let me know if you are also interested."
<Xiphoris> that's like how the entire country is
<FuIru> german beer is cold and white?
<scalar> FuIru: no, but the eskimos have about 30 words for snow
<Xiphoris> that's actually a myth :P
<Xiphoris> scalar, who's teaching 210? walid?
<scalar> yeah
<Xiphoris> scalar, ;-)
<Xiphoris> that's cool
<Xiphoris> so they do have quite a few words
<tequilla> but A3 is 297...
<scalar> haha..
<Xiphoris> hey
<Xiphoris> tequilla, scalar
<Xiphoris> I was doing research on some stuff I saw in 24
<Xiphoris> (the television show)
<scalar> whoa.
<Xiphoris> and I took that screenshot :P
<scalar> hot hot hot!
<Xiphoris> lol wtf
<Xiphoris> how old is she?
<Xiphoris> drinking b33r eh
<scalar> 16 maybe
<scalar> 17?
<scalar> old enough, if you ask me ;)
<Xiphoris> I sent this pic to collegehumor -->
<Xiphoris> hopefully they will take it :)
<scalar> born 15 April 1990
<scalar> wow
<tequilla> she could be your granddaughter!
<scalar> let's see... 10.5 years age difference... unlikely, even for me, and I first went down on a girl when I was 9
<Mercedx64> hey everyone long time - good to see the same people in here :)
<scalar> she tasted like pee pee
<scalar> howdy Mercedx64
<tequilla> so much for being able to finish the rest of my sandwich
<Xiphoris> hey
<Xiphoris> is tqx around?
<tequilla> heya
<Xiphoris> bah, guess not
<Mercedx64> scalar: teq: good to see u :)

<tequilla> I miss the #C++ channel that existed five minutes ago, before scalar ruined my appetite
<scalar> I know it's creepy... but I'm gonna save that picture of Emma Watson with the Corona
<Mercedx64> hehe.. not much newbies thou..
<tequilla> long name too... "Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson"
<scalar> I was supposed to have three first names
<scalar> but the German beaurocrats were idiots
<tequilla> "Do you Mathias, Guenter, Adolph, Stalin, Ricken take Emma, Charlotte, ..."
<scalar> haha
<scalar> yes, yes I do
<Mercedx64> hehe.. i've got two at the moment - who knows when i die i might have more hehe..
<scalar> you forgot the "Mussolini" and the "Franco", though
<scalar> Mathias Guenter Adolf Mussolini Franco Stalin Ricken
<Mercedx64> whooooo..
<scalar> I was sad that Hermione's role in "HP & the Goblet of Fire" was so negligible
<scalar> she was cool in "HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban"
<tequilla> I saw Goblet of Fire with Carol without seeing the previous two
<scalar> man, look at that...,%20Emma%20(II)
<scalar> I *bet* she's fun in bed
<tequilla> she was against it, but I knew how much she wanted to see it - so I thought we'd use our gold-class tickets for that, instead
<scalar> she's got fire
<tequilla> fun... yeah, I'm sure she's able to stay up all night playing RISK
<scalar> is that what you and Carol do?
<Mercedx64> heh..
<tequilla> no, we do less :P but the point is: I can't but help defend the virtue of someone not of legal age :P
<scalar> the law is crooked
<scalar> besides, in Germany her and I could get it on as much as we liked
<tequilla> you mean, after April 15th?
<tequilla> or now...?
<scalar> now. 14 and up
<tequilla> whoa
<scalar> as long as there is no abuse, coersion or payment involved
<tequilla> that sounds bogus... almost like an easy way for a fourteen year old to make money
<tequilla> especially if they can't prove there was no coersion involved
<FuIru> emma watson drinks?
<FuIru> bah, now I don't want to **** her as much
<tequilla> I wish it had the same effect on scalar ;P
<scalar> tequilla: this would be a statutory rape case
<scalar> but if the girl is 14 or older and in court states that she did this voluntarily and was not paid or coerced in any way, the man goes free because it's not a crime
<FuIru> scalar: in germany?
<scalar> yes
<FuIru> shame it's not like that here, heh
<scalar> at least it's 17 in Texas, so you're pretty safe to assume that all college freshmen are legal
<scalar> of course, you get in trouble when they bring their high school friends ;)
<_sad_man_> whats the difference bet DEFPUSHBUTTON and PUSHBUTTON ?
<scalar> DEFPUSHBUTTON gets pushed when you press return
<FuIru> look them up?
<scalar> that's my guess, at least
<scalar> looking them up could yield the definitive answer
<_sad_man_> i tried to just do a simple pushbutton theyre just the same
<scalar> oh, ok
<scalar> then they're the same, if you say it
<tequilla> _sad_man_: are you doing it in a dialog template, which you're using with DialogBox? or are you using CreateWindow for a child of a WndProc that doesn't call DefDlgProc ?
<_sad_man_> yea dialog box
<scalar> BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON Creates a button that has a heavy black border. The user can select this button by pressing the ENTER key. This style enables the user to quickly select the most likely option (the default option).
<scalar> they're exactly the same... exaaaaactly
<tequilla> then pressing enter would result in IDOK (is that the ID of your non-default button?)
<_sad_man_> yep
<tequilla> that's _why_ they appear to be the same for you
<_sad_man_> its for?
<scalar> smart people
<scalar> you stay away from it
<tequilla> it's for when you want a default button that doesn't have the IDOK id
<tequilla> lol
<_sad_man_> ah
<_sad_man_> got it:)well im not that smart i guess
<scalar> should have looked it up
<scalar> google, first hit. says "default style is bla bla". then you look up bla bla and you get to "BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON", see above
<_sad_man_> wel ofcourse lot of question got answers on the net
<scalar> mystery solved, reputation not soiled
<Mercedx64> heh..
<_sad_man_> its always google it then whats the use of just asking it here if someone can answer it just strraight away
<_sad_man_> i mean if ur not doing anything or busy i guess its ok



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