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<Xiphoris> did you follow that debate in the US?
<Xiphoris> the MPAA was trying to get a law passed that made it *mandatory* for all physical devices to refuse to record something if it had a "don't record this" flag set
<Rethguals> Yes; I heard about the two senators witty arguments against it.
<Xiphoris> I think **** like that is horrible. the MPAA and RIAA should be destroyed :/
<Rethguals> Um... well, er... make sure you filter all Google ads by the RIAA?
<Rethguals> ...and not the others, for reasons that I don't grok?
<Xiphoris> haha
<Xiphoris> I don't bother to filter ads because they don't bother me
<Xiphoris> the primary reason is not some huge ethical thing
<Xiphoris> I'm just pointing out, though, that I like Google
<Xiphoris> and if I were going to filter ads, I would be less likely to filter theirs than others'
<FuIru> hmm, borrowed a tablet PC from work, sniffing for unsecured networks near me
<Xiphoris> and, as I said, ads are often useful
<FuIru> fuond a couple, but still can't connect, heh
<Rethguals> Actually, I don't mind them in Gmail. They're actually pretty cool there - I was reading an e-mail to the lib reflector talking about GCC, and for some reason there was a link to some documentation about GCC ABI changes, instead of adverts.
<Rethguals> Personally though, I find the ads on the web search to be pretty trashy by comparison.

<Rethguals> ...and they're all over the place: a banner below the header, a strip along the side, and often a big old picture of some google service at the bottom.
<Rethguals> I also think that, because the e-mail I get is more relevant to me, the ads related to it are more relevant to me, whereas because the search is mostly junk by comparison, the adverts are often junk.
<Rethguals> So it seems I completely agree with you, except the bit where you suggested you don't filter them out because that way google would go out of business.
<Xiphoris> I didn't say google would go out of business :P
<Rethguals> [23:44] <Xiphoris> take away google's ads and they go out of business
<Xiphoris> yeah.... and?
<Xiphoris> that's different from saying that if *I* block their ads google will go out of business
<tequilla> wouldn't the text in the topic kick people off IRC anyway? :P
<Rethguals> Xiph: Oh. I assumed you weren't stating the obvious and were making a relevant point about why you don't block them.
<FuIru> so THAT'S why i see people type that all the time
<Xiphoris> tequilla, yes
<Xiphoris> Rethguals, I like to state the obvious :)
<Rethguals> That's why it's so funny, teq.
<Xiphoris> but, that point is true... if everyone blocked google's ads, they would go out of business :(
<Xiphoris> I like google, and i don't want them to go out of business
<Xiphoris> hmmm... I wonder if I;d be willing to pay for their search
<Rethguals> Well, I agree: I don't want the majority of people to have adblock. I'm selfish :)
<Xiphoris> but the ads don't bother me, and I know I support google by leaving them on
<Rethguals> I think it's sad that everyone has a popup blocker... because now in-page flash animations will become more prevalent.
<Xiphoris> by comparison, slashdot ads do bother me
<Xiphoris> especially those ****ing flash ads
<Xiphoris> that appear in the middle of articles
<Xiphoris> and other crap like that
<Xiphoris> yes
<Xiphoris> in page flash crap is horrible
<tequilla> I'd be willing to pay $10.00 to sign up for forums... or $20.00 for mIRC, but I wouldn't pay to use Google.
<tequilla> well, people can turn disable flash, right?
<Rethguals> Teq: Not for all Google services? Or just search?
<tequilla> just search
<Rethguals> Teq: We have to stop the future from arriving before I have a way to block it!
<tequilla> how would we block plaintext ads, though? :P you can't even assume the server won't insert it anywhere between paragraphs in HTML
<Rethguals> Normally HTML is easy, because it'll be in a DIV or it'll be the paragraph with a particular class/style, etc.
<Rethguals> E-mail is pretty easy too, when they just append or prepend a signature.
<Rethguals> Maybe I have nothing to worry about.
<Rethguals> brb
<tequilla> and
<Juggernaut> :/
<Rethguals> Hm.
<Rethguals> I don't get it (again).
<Rethguals> The idea is to remove the plot?
<tequilla> pretty much - the first one is humorous only because it's so... odd; the second - well, squeaky voices are funny :P
<Rethguals> The second one is funny.
<jedzilla> so hi, i join on behalf of someone who can't join -- on some versions of norton, those words work in the topic as well
<jedzilla> just so you guys know
<jedzilla> i mean, not sure you care, but you might want to know
<Rethguals> Yeah. We know; we thought it was funny.
<jedzilla> ah, that's what i figured
<tequilla> If we really wanted to warn users, we could put colour/bold codes in between the letters - the clients wouldn't render those
<jedzilla> huh, didn't know that
<jedzilla> poor tqx
<Xiphoris> you're probably right
<jedzilla> poor netgear types
<Rethguals> grrr

<scalar> :)
<Rethguals> What do you think you're doing?
<scalar> I don't know. I'm not really awake. sorry
<tqx> danke
<scalar> gern geschehen
<Rethguals> You didn't think to just disable it?
<scalar> disable what?
<Rethguals> tqx, are you using Norton's firewhatsit?
<scalar> startkeylogger
<scalar> probably not
<Xiphoris> oh
<Rethguals> We'll see. There's a whole pile of [01:11] * tqx (~a@regulus3.student.UU.SE) Quit (Ping timeout)
<Xiphoris> tqx is using the startkeylogger software? :P
<Xiphoris> lol
<scalar> haha
<Xiphoris> hey tqx
<Xiphoris> do you understand now :P
<tqx> this ****ing sucks
<scalar> are you using that startkeylogger software?
<Xiphoris> you should turn that crap off
<Xiphoris> lol
<scalar> 4 GB USB stick, same brand as my 1 GB stick, for $136. I paid $170 for my 1 GB stick :P
<Rethguals> Hooray for progress!
<Rethguals> Unless you just got ripped off :)
<scalar> nah
<scalar> and actually, "I" didn't pay for it, the university did. I had research money left over
<scalar> and the secretary told me "use it or lose it"
<Rethguals> You should have just bought a stack of DVDs.#
<Rethguals> Blank ones, I mean :)
<scalar> well, I still had to explain what I need it for
<scalar> and two years ago I didn't have a DVD writer yet
<tequilla> he's been in university for so long, his thesis really is _that_ big
<scalar> sadly, I don't have a thesis yet
<scalar> :P
<Rethguals> Well... I'm going to bed.
<scalar> night, Reth
<tequilla> g'night
<tequilla> so, who is Shannon?
<scalar> my ex
<tequilla> ah
<tequilla> then no, there's no similarity; Gabrielle was (or "is", I guess, after last night) a friend
<scalar> tqx: got that startkeylogger detection disabled yet?
<scalar> :)
<FuIru> what's startkeylogger all about?
<FuIru> dang :)
<FuIru> indonesian? heh
<tequilla> :P
<Zenethian> I can speak that
<Zenethian> HUHUHU R U CUTE LAR?
<tequilla> lol
<Zenethian> I wanna learn Swahili
<Zenethian> and do that clicky thing
<scalar> Rosetta Stone sounds like a woman's name
<Zenethian> It is.
<Zenethian> that's who made it
<scalar> are you sure?
<scalar> I thought it was a reference to *the* rosetta stone
<scalar> it was the stone with both Greek and hieroglyphs on it that was key to understanding Ancient Egyptian writing
<scalar> since then, if something is *a* rosetta stone, it's a key to another language, etc.
<scalar> help! I'm running out of mustard
<FuIru> i want the japanese one
<scalar> do you mean wasabi?
<scalar> I still have some of that, but I'm not sure if it goes well with sausage
<scalar> I had a cheeese bwerger for breakfast yesterday
<FuIru> I eat cheese burgers like you for breakfast!
<scalar> are you implying I'm a cheese burger?
<Zenethian> Mmm
<Zenethian> I actually like eating cheeseburgers for breakfast
<scalar> who doesn't?
<FuIru> you WISH you were a cheeseberger
<scalar> yeah, because then all the chubby girls would want to eat me
<scalar> MyNick?



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